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150th Anniversary Church Archives:

The late Bill Barge took home movies of church events from 1968 to 1977.  These have been converted to DVDs and then to computer files.

These are listed in date order. Videos are linked to storage on YouTube. To see them full screen, click on the DVD name shown on the video once it is playing, or the word “YouTube”. Once you are on the YouTube website you will be able to see them full screen.

There is no sound. Also note there is no DVD 1.

Key to Photographs - all the text shown above.

DVD 4 1968/69  18 Minutes,  221Mb

Dedication of Humphrey Higgott altar. Christopher Statham still has his stents. Fr. Cresswell and Fr. Terry Coyne. Was Fr. Osborn there?

DVD 3 1970,  30 Minutes,  492Mb

Fr. Cresswell, Fr. Ron Whittingham and Fr. Terry Coyne, Jenny Blant looks about 12/13. Opening of Coopers Square by Princess Alexandra. Red sandstone bands replaced in church tower. Site for Curtis Court is cleared.

DVD 7 1971,  28 Minutes,  342Mb

Fr. Terry Coyne. Phil Farren's son is a babe-in-arms.

DVD 8 1972/73,  20 Minutes,  272Mb

Year Bruce Harrison was ordained or priested.

DVD 5 1973/74,  12 Minutes,  168Mb

Shows a new-looking N-reg car, (Joan Dean’s?). Fr. Henry Tunnadine in the parish. Fr.. Cresswell, Fr. David Mellor AND Fr. David Barlow

DVD 6 1975,  26 Minutes,  375Mb

Fr. David Mellor and Fr. David Barlow both ordained priests. Tim Statham about 6/7. Andrew Davison in the choir.

DVD 9 1976/77,  16 Minutes,  231Mb

Fr.. Cresswell. Miss Pountain. Fr. Paul Lockett. Fr. Henry Tunnadine. Me AND Brenda. Gilding the church clock-face. (Wasn't this on DVD 3 too??). An event at Staffordshire County Showground.

DVD 2 1977,  23 Minutes,  328Mb

Fr. Paul Lockett priested. Parish visit to Paris. It's good to be alive" event.