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150th Anniversary Church Archives:

Joan key is the daughter of Prebendary Alan Barker, who was vicar of St. John’s from 1941 to 1952.  She has kindly donated these photographs to our archives. The notes with the photographs are mostly taken from  annotations on the back of the pictures.

Key Photos 001.jpg

1. Miss Kathleen Bland
Ran the Sunday School

Key Photos 001b.jpg

1b. Miss Kathleen Bland
Ran the Sunday School

Key Photos 002.jpg

2. Miss Pointon.
Helped to run the Sunday School with Miss Kathleen Bland. A very gentle and sincere person from what I remember.

Key Photos 003.jpg

3. Garden Fete 1943
According to the newspaper report over 2000 people attended. – (Burton Observer 8 July 1943)
L to R — Mr Poole, Mr Fred Harrison (or vice versa), Alan Barker, Mrs Thompson, Councillor Mr Thompson, Gwen Barker (with me), Derek Knight (curate)

Key Photos 003b.jpg

3b. Garden Fete 1943
According to the newspaper report over 2000 people attended. – (Burton Observer 8 July 1943)

Key Photos 004.jpg

4. Garden Fete year?
L to R — Gwen Barker, Mr Poole (vicar's warden), Mrs Stanley Yeomans, Alan Barker, Mrs Rider (Mayoress), Rev P. Mills (former vicar)

Key Photos 005.jpg

5. Garden Fete. 1946, judging from my brother's size!
L to R — Mr Allcock (people's warden), Derek Knight (curate), me, Gwen Barker. John Barker, Alan Barker, Mrs Neville Thompson, Mr A. Kemp (vicar's warden), Mr Bert Sanders (chairman of the fete committee).

           Key Photos 005b.jpg  

5b. Garden Fete 1946.

Key Photos 006.jpg

6. S.P.G. Garden Party at Tutbury Castle May 24 1952
L Alan Barker

Key Photos 007.jpg

7. Sale of Work at the Town Hall probably Dec 1944 or Jan 1945 (by news article on the reverse)
 L to R — Mr Allcock, Derek Knight (curate) Mrs Manners, smallest girl, me, Gwen Barker, Alan Barker.

Key Photos 008.jpg

8. Occasion?
 L to R — Derek Knight, ?, ?, Kathleen Bland, ?, Alan Barker. If the small girl is me, this would be in about 1943.

Key Photos 009.jpg

9. Cubs and scouts.

Key Photos 010.jpg

10. Brownies, cubs and scouts.

Key Photos 011.jpg

11. Brownies.

Key Photos 012.jpg

12. Brownies, cubs and scouts.
Many faces are familiar, but I'm afraid I can't put names to them (other than my father!)

Key Photos 013.jpg

13. Mothers Union? Winter 1945/6
My father, mother, baby brother and I are R front

Key Photos 014.jpg

14. Mothers Union/Young Wives in the new hall
Front row — 3rd from L Mrs Higgott?, far R Mrs Alice Cotton (verger's wife).
2nd row — 2nd from L Mrs Sanders
Back row — just to L of door with glasses and looking sideways, Mrs Betty Barge.

Key Photos 015.jpg

15. Annual party of Mothers Union and Young Wives — some of the members Seated — far left, Mrs Alice Cotton Standing at back — Alan Barker, John Starkey (curate) Standing 4th from R — Gwen Barker

Key Photos 016.jpg16. Mothers Union and Young Wives 1952 for my parents farewell?
 Seated — centre, Alan Barker holding our cat Peter. 'He' wrote a children's column in the parish magazine each month as Peter the Parish Puss. He lived to a great age, living at West Bromwich and Brierley Hill
R of him, Mrs Betty Barge
L of him, Gwen Barker
Front seated row far L, Mrs Vera Wilson holding either Peter or Stephen Wilson
Middle row far L, my grandmother who must have been staying with us. Next to her Mrs Alice Cotton
Part row to R, 2nd from R John Starkey (curate)
To his L I think is Mrs Brenda Starkey
Back row far L, Mrs Edith Sanders

Key Photos 016a.jpg

16a. Mothers Union and Young Wives 1952 for my parents farewell?

Key Photos 017.jpg

17. Choir, about 1951
Far R - Mr Bert Sanders (then vicar's churchwarden)
To his L Alan Barker
Men to his L Mr Allcock then Mr Bill Barge
2nd row of boys far R `Tubby.... 3rd from R John Atkinson
Far L — Mr Albert Cotton (verger)
2nd from L John Starkey (curate)
4th from R Mr Robinson (organist)
7th from L Peter Hirst (later ordained)

Key Photos 018.jpg

18. Sunday School party about 1952
Seated on floor 2nd from L Peter Hirst's sister Betty?
Standing at back 4th from R with bows at top of head Margaret Loome
To her L Mary Barge
2nd to L of her with glasses, me
Far back just L of centre Christine Higgott

Key Photos 019.jpg

19. Presumably a sale of work
Far L Mrs Betty Barge

Key Photos 020.jpg

20. Visit of W H Auden 1966.

Key Photos 021.jpg

21. Another party??
3rd from  L — Mr Albert Cotton
 4th from L — Mr Bill Barge

Key Photos 022.jpg

22. Pantomime in hall about 1951-2
Kneeling — 2nd from L Margaret Loome
4th from L me
6th from L Christine Higgott
7th from L Mary Barge
8th from L Sonia.... Who kept us in control!
Back row to L of top hat, Peter Hirst

Key Photos 023.jpg

23. Tennis courts outside the new hall.
These were very popular, and my parents sometimes played on my father's day off; there was a gate through to them from the bottom lawn of the vicarage garden.

Key Photos 023a.jpg

23a. Tennis courts outside the new hall.

Key Photos 024.jpg

24. Albert Cotton, verger

Key Photos 024a.jpg

24a. Albert Cotton, verger

Key Photos 025.jpg

25. Visit of Bishop Edward Sidney Woods, Bishop of Lichfield
I don't know for what occasion, but I remember that it was on a winter evening, and that as a small child I sat on his knee when he came to the house!

Key Photos 025a.jpg

25a. Visit of Bishop Edward Sidney Woods, Bishop of Lichfield

Key Photos 026.jpg

26. Gathering of deaconesses
Back row L — Derek Knight (curate)
Back row L — Alan Barker
One of the deaconesses was known as Deaky; I'm not sure which one, but the one far R looks familiar.

Key Photos 027.jpg

27. Darby and Joan.

Key Photos 028.jpg

28. Christian Fellowship Brains Trust. It looks as though my father is chairing it.

Key Photos 029.jpg

29. Mr Robinson
Organist, succeeding Mr Dove? It is dated 1952 so was probably given to my father when he left for West Bromwich

Key Photos 030.jpg

30. L — Mr Bert Sanders, sometime vicar's warden. I associate him with plumbing and ships — for part of the war? He and his wife were both clever with their hands. She made a beautifully smocked dress for me when I was small. She also made a potent parsnip wine!

Key Photos 030a.jpg

30a. Mr Bert Sanders.

Key Photos 031.jpg

31. Mr and Mrs Allcock I think in the vicarage rose garden on the level below the top lawn (removed by Fr Osborne, who succeeded my father.)
I stayed with them for about a week after my parents moved to West Bromwich to take my 11+ exam. He was vicar's warden for a time.

Key Photos 032, Church hall exterior.jpg

32. Outside the new hall. Occasion?
Far L — John Starkey curate,
3rd From L Alan Barker
4th form L Kathleen Bland
6th from L Bill Barge
8th from L Bert Sanders
11th from L Edith Sanders
12th from L Mr Allcock

Key Photos 033.jpg

33. Pageant c. 1952 A group from the Parish joined in a pageant which took place in the town, in the grounds of.....? I think it was something to do with St Modwen.
 Front row boys L ?Peter or Stephen Wilson
Front row girls/women, 2nd L me, 3rd L Vera Wilson
Middle row far R Albert Cotton, 2nd L Daisy Cotton?

Key Photos 034.jpg

34. Occasion?
Below second banner's bottom L corner. Bill Barge

Key Photos 035.jpg

35. Presentation of leaving presents to my parents 1952
L - John Starkey curate

Key Photos, Church Hall exterior.jpg

Church Hall in Rolleston Road

Old Church Hall001.jpg


Church pantomine

Key to Photographs - all the text shown above.